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Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) affects around 1 in 11 people in their lifetimes. It’s a disorder that develops after a traumatic event or circumstance. Ketamine infusions are a new treatment for PTSD and are available from Robert Knipper, CRNA and Dustin Coyle, MD, at Pacific KLN Infusions in Escondido, California. To schedule a consultation for PTSD ketamine infusions, call Pacific KLN Infusions or reserve an appointment online today.


What is PTSD?

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a psychiatric disorder that affects your moods, thought patterns, and behaviors. One of the key traits of PTSD is that it develops after a traumatic event or circumstance, which ultimately alters your way of thinking. 

Contrary to a common belief, PTSD does not only affect combat veterans. It’s common in veterans, but it can develop as a result of any life-altering and traumatic event. You might develop PTSD after:

  • A serious injury
  • A car accident
  • A mass casualty event
  • A natural disaster
  • Domestic abuse
  • Sexual violence
  • Combat
  • Learning about the death of a loved one
  • Exposure to details of trauma in your line of work (e.g. first responders)

Fortunately, PTSD is treatable with individualized care from experts. Like other mental health conditions and mood disorders, PTSD normally responds well to a combination of psychotherapy and medications. 

However, infusions at Pacific KLN Infusions are also available with a referral from your mental health provider or general practitioner. 

What are the symptoms of PTSD?

There are many symptoms of PTSD, and not everyone with the condition experiences the same set. Rather than listing the numerous possible symptoms, it’s simpler to categorize them into four distinct types. The symptoms, which vary in severity from person to person, can include:

Intrusive thoughts

The category of intrusive thoughts includes nightmares, flashbacks, and involuntary thoughts or memories. 


With PTSD, you might find that you take steps to avoid any reminders of your trauma including people, places, songs, activities, and other triggers. 

Mood and cognition changes

Changes in your mood and cognition are common with PTSD. You might have trouble remembering the event or other parts of your past. You might also have a distorted self-perception, feelings of detachment, or ongoing negative feelings. 

Arousal and reactivity changes

Arousal and reactivity changes common with PTSD include irritability, being prone to outbursts, self-destructive behaviors, or paranoia. 

What are my treatment options for PTSD?

Pacific KLN Infusions offers ketamine infusions, an alternative treatment for PTSD that may fit into your comprehensive treatment plan from your general practitioner or mental health provider. 

You get these infusions intravenously under close supervision from the experts at Pacific KLN Infusions.

Ketamine is well-known as a general anesthetic and sedative, but it has recently been used for mood disorders and psychiatric conditions, including PTSD. 

Many individuals experience rapid benefits from treating PTSD with ketamine infusions. In fact, you can experience the benefits within 24 hours of your infusion. 

Your providers at Pacific KLN Infusions create a treatment plan for you based on feedback from your general practitioner or the mental health provider you visit regularly. They can change your treatment plan at any time after monitoring your results. 

To schedule your infusions consultation for PTSD, call Pacific KLN Infusions or reserve an appointment online today.