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Lidocaine Infusion Specialist

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Lidocaine infusions are a pain medication alternative to opioids used for treating fibromyalgia, complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS), and types of chronic pain. In Escondido, California, Robert Knipper, CRNA and Dustin Coyle, MD, offer lidocaine infusions at Pacific KLN Infusions with or without ketamine. To schedule your lidocaine infusion consultation, call the office or reserve an appointment online today.

Lidocaine Infusion Q&A

What is a lidocaine infusion?

Lidocaine is a common local anesthesia that you usually get topically or via injection. You might be familiar with it from going to the dentist. 

However, lidocaine infusions are much newer and have different applications. Rather than treating or preventing localized pain, they help you manage widespread pain. 

Lidocaine infusions may work for both chronic and acute pain conditions, but it’s primarily used for chronic conditions. They’re a great alternative to opioids, which carry a high risk of dependency and overdoses. 

Lidocaine infusions also work well in cases where more conventional treatments have not provided adequate relief. 

Pacific KLN Infusions offers lidocaine infusions with or without ketamine. Ketamine, a sedative and general anesthetic, works well as an infusion to treat various psychiatric disorders and some chronic pain conditions. 

Can I benefit from lidocaine infusions?

Your providers at Pacific KLN Infusions talk to you extensively about your health and your needs before you get lidocaine infusions. They make sure the infusions will be safe for you and that they’ll be effective.

Pacific KLN Infusions regularly uses lidocaine infusions in the treatment for pain-causing conditions like:

  • Fibromyalgia
  • Complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS)
  • Reflex sympathetic dystrophy (RSD)
  • Diabetic neuropathy
  • Headaches
  • Failed back surgery syndrome

To come to Pacific KLN Infusions for possible lidocaine infusions, you must get a referral either from your general practitioner or another provider who treats your chronic pain. 

Along with lidocaine infusions, they may treat you with other approaches like medications, physical therapy, and nutritional counseling. 

What should I expect while getting lidocaine infusions?

If your providers at Pacific KLN Infusions believe you could benefit from lidocaine infusions, they create a treatment plan according to your diagnosis and any other complications from your conditions. For pain, they tell you if you should get lidocaine and ketamine or lidocaine only. 

When you come in for infusions, your providers supervise you the entire time as the medication flows into your vein through an intravenous drip. They monitor your reactions and can adjust the dosage if necessary. During each infusion, your body’s pain mechanisms reduce in sensitivity. 

You’ll need to stay for a while after the infusion for monitoring, and you should have someone else drive you home. You might notice a difference right away, or it might take a bit longer. In any case, Pacific KLN Infusions follows up with you to check your progress.

To learn more about lidocaine infusions for pain, call Pacific KLN Infusions or reserve an appointment online today.