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Ketamine is a drug that has been around for a long time. Because ketamine is a "dissociative anesthetic" (meaning that it separates the mind from reality) It often has a negative stigma attached to it. Many people have heard of it as a street drug (Special K), or as an animal tranquilizer. The dissociative effects can present as an "out-of-body" or "floaty" sensation, loss of sense of time and surroundings, or an "unlocking" of repressed parts of the mind. However, ketamine has been used as a general anesthetic for humans in the operating room for decades. It is also a very good medication to help with pain for surgery. Ketamine is a very safe drug when given by anesthesia providers trained in it's use, and given in a controlled setting with monitoring.

Most recently, ketamine has been shown to help many individuals with treatment-resistant depression, suicidality, and many chronic pain conditions. Mounting evidence seems to show it may be effective in treating severe anxiety, PTSD, OCD, and some eating disorders. Ketamine is not a "cure-all", but it has offered a promising, and effective, treatment for many conditions and many patients who have otherwise failed multiple standard treatments for their conditions.

There are some things that may make ketamine less safe in some patients. Those can include heart disease, high blood pressure, glaucoma, brain tumors, liver problems, bladder inflammation, and schizophrenia and other psychiatric disorders where psychosis or hallucinations are present. Contact us, or talk to your doctor or therapist, if you have any of these issues to see if ketamine infusions would be right for you. 


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