Pacific KLN Infusions is proud to serve San Marcos, California, and San Diego County’s North County region. The practice is a state-of-the-art ketamine therapy clinic in the area led by Robert Knipper, CRNA and Dustin Coyle, MD. The entire team on staff is dedicated to helping you feel better physically and emotionally.

Ketamine is a general anesthetic that has been around for many years. Still, there is new evidence that ketamine infusion therapy can help with various physiological and psychological issues. In addition to ketamine infusions, Pacific KLN Infusions also offers lidocaine infusions and nutritional IV therapy to improve your overall health.

Ketamine infusion therapy is a novel, evidence-based approach that can help with anxiety, depression, PTSD, OCD, and other mood and psychiatric disorders. Infusions can also help with CRPS, fibromyalgia, MS, and other chronic pain conditions where opioids may have lost their efficacy.

The team requires a referral from your chronic pain provider or a general practitioner to begin treatment. For mental health ketamine infusions, ask for a referral from your mental health provider. Your specific infusion treatment will be tailored to your unique needs, but if you have questions, contact the Pacific KLN Infusions to learn more.